Latrobe Women in Business Events

Latrobe Women in Business offer a comprehensive and diverse program of events focused on bringing together leaders from a range of sectors and professions.

Events provide a platform from which to develop, build and strengthen key business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships, source new ideas and gather relevant up-to-date business data.

Held at various locations throughout Gippsland, LWIB host 3-4 events each year, attracting on average 60 professionals to each event. Guest speakers at LWIB events include individuals and professionals from a range of sectors of which relate back to the specific event topics.

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What Gippsland Women Want

In December 2010 a “What Gippsland Women Want” survey was conducted to establish what women were seeking from the network. The survey was distributed far and wide to women throughout the Gippsland region using word of mouth, existing networks, groups, organizations and clubs.

The aim of the survey was to find out more about what women in Gippsland wanted in terms of business, leadership and networking events.

The information gleaned from the survey provided the basis for identifying the needs and wants of women in Gippsland, and advocating for the development of events throughout the region. Two hundred and six (206) Gippsland women completed the survey.

The majority of survey respondents indicated an interest in developing their strengths. There is also a high level of interest in life balance/fulfilment, leadership, environmental issues and brainstorming/sharing ideas with like-minded women. Activities such as recruiting and retaining staff, customer service and sales strategy/business development were seen to be less appealing.

The response from the women of Gippsland has been overwhelming and surpassed initial expectations. The survey has elicited responses from women of diverse backgrounds and experiences throughout the region, with a varied range of lifestyles and ages represented.

The response rate has been consistent throughout the region, and generally mirrors the percentage of females in each local government area.

If you have suggestions on topics for future events we would love to hear your ideas. Please get in touch.