Events and feedback

Latrobe Women In Business

Recent events and feedback

LWIB are proud to have offered a range of events to women in the Gippsland area over the past four years.

•    May – Great business is more than the bottom line
•    July – Mid-year Mingle
•    September – Inclusive Leadership; the heart of great people

•    May – Inspiring people that challenge our thinking
•    July – Protecting you and your Business from Cyber-crime
•    September – Playing to your Strengths
•    December – Cocktail Party

•    May – Drawing Inspiration from Adversity
•    September – Resilience Workshop
•    December – Cocktail Party

•    October – Inspiring and Helping through Leadership Dinner.
Pictured above are Brooke Van Nooten (MC) and our panel for the evening Sarah Elston, Zemeel Saba, Kerrie Warren, Ange Gordon, Donna Faulkner and Mary Aldred.
•    December – Cocktail Party

•    March – Developing Strengths and Life Balance
•    June – Spotlight on Leadership Dinner
•    September – Plain Facts about Superannuation
•    December – Effective Networking

Your Feedback

In a busy world – a moment to take a breath catch up with friends and aquaintences, enjoy their company and be enriched by other peoples experiences.”

“Good opportunity to meet new business contacts, learn more about the diversity of Gippsland business.

“Reasonably priced professional development. Importance is that the events are something different and unique.”

“I enjoy the networking side of the events – getting out and meeting like minded women who have had similar experience.”

“Networking and hearing what other women are doing in their lives.”

“Networking opportunities and being able to provide assistance to women, eg. mentoring”

We invite suggestions for future events and welcome your comments. Please get in touch with your ideas or complete our online survey.